Starting 1 September, 2020:

Zoom Online Class Schedule

(all times local Lisbon, Portugal; same as London, 1 hour behind Paris,

5 hours ahead of NYC, 8 hours ahead of San Francisco, etc.):

Asana:  Tuesday (Level 2/3), and Thursday (Level 3/4) - 18h00 - 19h30​

Pranayama: Monday 18h45 - 19h30, Thursday 12h-12h45

Note: Live classes from Lisboa Yoga Loft are available 2x per week via Zoom simulcast. See 'Zoom Simulcast' Page.


Price Options:

       Asana Only

    - 1 x per week, 32 euros per month 

    - 1 month, unlimited, 50 euros per month 

    - single class, 10 euros

     - in case of missed class, video recording will be sent upon             request

        Pranayama Only

    - 1 x per week, 16 euros per month

    - 1 month, unlimited, 25 euros per month

    - 5 euros per class

    - in case of missed class, video recording will be sent upon            request

       Asana and Pranayama Unlimited Pass 

    - 65 euros per month (includes access to ALL classes, asana        and pranayama, for the entire month)

    - video recordings sent upon request



To access these classes, sign into your Zoom account, and search for the 'meeting' using my personal i.d. code., no password required:

207 108 1068

Minimum Suggested Material:

- sticky mat, 2 belts (1 long), 2 bricks, 1 chair, bolster, 4 blankets, 1 resistance band, 2 rectangular foams, 1 rope, 1 disco ball.

Class Recordings

(Please only download if you have paid for the class.

Many Thanks, Billy)

Monday Pranayama, 18 January .tnMEFi5

Tuesday Asana, 19 January

Passcode: +jgf1Smv 


Thursday Pranayama 14 January

Passcode: f3#Sg@6$ 

Thursday Asana 14 January

Passcode: 6.inKa7*