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Zoom Online Classes

Zoom I.D : 207 108 1068 (no password)


- Monday 18h45-19h30 Pranayama

- Tuesday  9h30-11h00  Level 2/3

11h30 -13h30  Guided Practice w/Billy,

(Seasoned practitioners and Teachers only)

- Wednesday 19h-20h30 Asana, Level 3/4

- Thursday 18h-19h30 Asana, Level 3/4


- Sunday 1x per month, 10h-12h30, 2.5 workshop, 25 euros single payment 

- Friday 1x per month, 15h00-16h30 Monthly Webinar and Q&A: Practice, Philosophy, Therapeutics, Teaching, suggested donation between 5 and 10 euros, but NOT required


(all times local Lisbon, Portugal; same as London, 1 hour behind Paris, 5 hours ahead of NYC, 8 hours ahead of San Francisco, etc.).


To access these classes, sign into your Zoom account, and search for the meeting using my personal i.d. code: 207 108 1068 (no password)

Minimum Suggested Material

Sticky mat, 2 belts (1 long), 2 bricks, 1 chair, bolster, 4 blankets, 1 resistance band, 2 rectangular foams, 1 rope, empty stomach, gratitude.



1 class per week, 40 euros per month

2 classes per week, 50 euros per month

Unlimited, 60 euros per month

Pranayama only, 20 euros per month

Single classes: 10 euros asana, 5 euros pranayama


Note: any missed classes can be viewed and downloaded at your convenience on this page, at the bottom.

Please only download videos if you have paid a regular membership fee as described here.

parsva srs.jpg


Class Recordings

(Please only download if you have paid for the class.

Many Thanks, Billy)

Monday Pranayama, 13 May

Passcode: Q50Mm$Ha

Tuesday Morning Asana, Level 2/3, 14 May

Passcode: P=Rx9y1p

Tuesday Guided Practice, Experienced Practitioners, 14 May

Passcode: R0kE5&?3

Wednesday Asana, 15 May

Passcode: 8.xp1brJ

Thursday Asana, 16 May

Passcode: srR&9R#S

Monthly Webinar and Q&A, 12 April

Passcode: B=v4.L4W

Sundays at The Loft, 14 April

'Correspondence and cooperation; or conflict and discord. It's all just an offer.' -

Passcode: 1+8zD0n0


Lisbon Syntropy Year 2, Weekend 4

Day 1

Passcode: ki4b=LhU

Passcode: 7brmBR@&

Day 2

Passcode: sEH!2D%&

Passcode: =%wcP!h2

Day 3

Passcode: 3!diJhVZ

Passcode: 37NC#ta3

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