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All workshops available live in person, live via Zoom,

or recorded and available for download.

Zoom I.D. (no password)  207 108 1068

June 2022

4 - 5    Advanced Studies Weekend Workshop

               9-12h, 14-17h Saturday and Sunday

12          Sundays at Lisboa Yoga Loft, 

              10 - 12.30  Our monthly Sunday min-workshop. 20 euros

17 - 19    A Journey to Health, Weekend 5, Yoga Now, Basel, Switzerland


July 2022

16 - 22  Advanced Studies Summer Week Workshop

               Location to Be Determined (somewhere in Lisbon!)

               9-12h, 15-18h Every Day (Except Day 7, 9-11h30)

August 2022

30 July - 5 August

               Annual Summer Workshop 

               Lisboa Yoga Loft

               6 hours asana/pranayama per day.

               9-12h, 15-18h Every Day (Except Day 7, 9-11h30)

              400 euros

              (350 euros Zoom only)



ALL other foreign workshops canceled until we change the current consensus reality.


18-20 March, 2022, Spring Workshop

NOTE: Please only download these sessions with permission from Billy. Thank you.


Friday Night Session (Vitality in Movement): 

Passcode: a3$V*7f*

Saturday Morning Session (Functional Strength, Lower Body): 

Passcode: eWY1TqS%

Saturday Afternoon Session (Voltage and Magnetism through Supine postures, Inversions, and pranayama): 

Passcode: QN^3PqY5

Sunday Morning Session (Functional Strength, Pelvic Floor and Upper Body): 

Passcode: Ua86+.8b

Sunday Afternoon Session (Voltage and Magnetism through Chakra and Organic Cleansing) 

Passcode: =p=%9u&d

Pranayama (the 45 minute session I would have taught to the group in retrospect): 

Passcode: pB8eGh#$

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