"Life is not for 'contentment'. Life is for adventure and exploration."

            - Swami Dayananda Saraswati




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A personal assertion in response to the current global state of affairs: I am not a virus. I am not the spreader of a virus. I am not a threat, nor an enemy of any other human being on this planet. I am a loving, conscious, dignified being. If I am forced to behave as a threat and an enemy to my fellow human beings, if I am forced to wear a mask in public, if I am forced to keep a 'social distance' from my brothers and sisters, if I am forced to have an application on my phone that informs those around me if I have immunity to this or that disease, if I am forced to take a vaccine in order to 'participate' and 'belong' to this, or any other society, I will walk away with my family to a different place, and to a different life. If this is the direction that people want to go, they are free to do this. But I will not go there with them, and my position on this is non-negotiable.