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Writings: Part 2

Note, January 2023:

I will not stay silent at this time. All cultures and epochs look back at history and periods of despotism and tyranny with a critical, judgmental eye. Clicking their tongues, saying things like: 'Tyranny can only exist and thrive when good people stay silent, and do nothing.' An implication that if they were alive then, they would stand up, speak up, and say no. Well, here we are. This is surely one of the most consequential, critical, and potentially tyrannical epochs in human history. Not just in certain nation states, but world-wide. Not just against flesh and bone, but against mind and soul. And yet, I have been told repeatedly to stand down and be silent. Put my mask on and behave. I have been told that I have lost many 'students', lost access to many potential Centres to teach workshops at because of my public position against the profound madness of the past 3 years.

It is extraordinary to think that such a reaction against me - true or not - would impact my position, decision, and stance. As if I had some kind of 'brand' to protect, or a comfortable 'status quo' to uphold. If 'students' (or anyone else) want to distance themselves from me because of my active refusal to participate in an attempted global takeover by a demonic predator class, that is their business and privilege. Their karma. Not mine. My will is to stand up now, and speak the words, and take the action I feel necessary to help awaken humanity to the reality of the prison doors closing in all around us. A prison that we ourselves have built. We ourselves guard. We ourselves inhabit. I owe this to my children, who will inherit this realm, and to whom I have a duty and a responsibility. That is MY privilege. And I gladly assume the consequences of my duties, position, and actions. If I have a 'brand' or a legacy to protect, let it be that


10 January 2023

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