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As of today, 18 January 2022, I have lifted my self-imposed ban. This is all just too ridiculous to stay silent. If you have not yet discerned that this is a massive fraud intended to further consolidate the ludicrous power and wealth of the ruling class and deepen the trance and dream-spell of humanity, reading further may be dangerous to body and mind. 

20 November 2022

"All experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer - while evils are sufferable - 

than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

- United States Declaration of Independence

We are left with but one choice. Let us come together and see if our light can outshine their darkness.

17 November, 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell, the only person in history convicted of child/human sex trafficking to....

no one. Where is the client list? Who were the customers of the proven AND convicted sex trafficker? Was she pimping children to her imaginary friends? Where are the victims? Where is their testimony to bring down the international network? Where is the follow-up investigation? Where is the judge? Who were her associates and collaborators? Who was her father? Who is Lesley Wexner? What is their connection to Jeffrey Epstein? Who has protected these people for 30 years?

Shouldn't we be openly discussing this? This is madness. Why don't we want - and DEMAND - to know more about the fact that world leaders in finance, politics, business, technology, and entertainment are directly implicated in a decades long pedophilia ring? We are talking about a well-known international socialite who has been convicted in a United States court of kidnapping and trafficking children for sex!! What are we doing??!! Why is it left to an obscure yoga instructor in a forgotten elbow of Europe to scream into the void??

Jung made it abundantly clear in our textbooks and education what happens when we turn away from our personal and collective shadows. And yet, we are more interested in masks, and PCR tests, and vaccination status, and TikTok, and Kanye West, and Trump, and Kyrie Irving. Humanity appears to be in a dream-spell. There seems to be no other reasonable explanation. And we deepen that spell daily with our rituals of distraction and virtue signalling. But if we don't wake up soon, if we don't reconcile with our shadows and build up new institutions and a new society based in a moral, creative center, then we will perish. 

There is no virus. That ain't the problem. Climate change is not the problem. Putin didn't do it. Neither did Trump. Biden ain't gonna save us. Left, right. Red, blue. Russia, Ukraine. North, south. It's all a gimmick. We have tranced ourselves. We freely chose and co-created the current state of the world through our acquiescence and feigned innocence.  The world is run by a cabal of psycho-paths and pedophiles. But this is only natural. Humanity has denied its own divinity, and blasphemed against its infinite creative potential for generations. We celebrate nihilism, and worship mechanistic thinking. Which, if you examine it, is actually just a sad justification of our own laziness and addiction to victimhood. We have abdicated our independence, power, and sovereignty in order to live in illusory boxes of comfort and safety. And a dark predator class has gladly accommodated our invitation for enslavement.

This is all a self-inflicted wound. WE are the problem. We also happen to be the solution. Do we want to snap out of our trance and hypnosis? Or, as Gurdjieff wrote, do we prefer to continue to 'dream that we are awake'?? It's a choice. The future of humanity hangs in the balance. We must wake up. And to wake up, we have to fight like hell. And once awake, we must center ourselves in the horror of the situation, assume and own our sovereignty, own our creativity, own our responsibility, and build something new. If not, the darkness we have dreamed into being will consume and snuff out our light.

15 November, 2022

The 'Covid-19 Pandemic' was a manufactured marketing campaign to flash, embed, normalise, and execute a plan for a final, totalitarian redistribution of the world's wealth and power into the hands of a tiny, parasitic ruling class. Period. It has, and had, 0% to do with public health or a 'virus'. It was a plan to trance, poison and enslave the sweeping masses of humanity. And it was a plan decades - if not centuries - in the making. Unless and until we wake up to the truth of this reality, the consequences for us, and especially for our children, will be cataclysmic.

18 October, 2022

Viruses as disease causing, pathogenic ‘things’ have never been shown, nor proven to exist. They have never been seen, nor located in any living tissue. Ever. And this is not disputed. That which is called a ‘virus’ has only ever been seen through an electron microscope of a ‘cell culture’ grown in a laboratory in a soup of monkey kidney cells, anti-biotics, chemical agents, aborted cow foetuses, and non-specific human or animal genetic material introduced and assumed to trigger the disease process – or cytopathic effect. 


In other words, when the results of the above experimental soup and procedure are viewed under an electron microscope, ‘viral particles’ are observed, and mistakenly identified as the disease causing pathogenic variable responsible for the apparent cytopathic effect. But these particles are not the CAUSE of disease, they are the RESULT of a natural detoxification process happening on a cellular level trying to AVOID disease. The experiment itself is the biological insult to the solicited tissues. The cells react to the toxic soup, symptoms are observed and mistaken as cause. Effects as impetus. And this catastrophic misdirection has wreaked havoc on this planet for more than a century. 


That which is called a ‘virus’ is not a disease causing, cell invading, parasitic, biological bandit waiting to hijack healthy living cells to make disease. They are benign, non-living artefacts of dying cells caused by the experiment itself. Period. When scientists take their ‘cell culture’ and starve it, poison it, stain it, shoot electron beams at it, isolate it from its natural living context, and stress it in an artificial environment, those cells naturally begin to break down, distort, and die. This dead and dying debris is then located and presumed to indicate the ‘site’ of pathogenic disease. And these artefacts - which originated INSIDE THE CELL - are mistakenly assumed to be an external CAUSE of the ‘disease process’. Which is like assuming that the consistently observed presence of firefighters at fires means THEY started the fires. But it is the experimental process itself that is producing the particles and alleged ‘viruses’. A tight little circular loop of illogic waiting in plain site to be exposed for decades. And this exposure is happening, right now, as I write these words. 


People like Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kauffman, Dr.s Sam and Mark Bailey, Dr. Barre Lando, Dr. Amandha Vollmer, journalists John Rappaport, Torsten Engelbrecht, Mike Stone, and Alec Zeck have already, in fact, proven what I have written above. By simply doing what virologists – for some bizarre and unexplained reason – never do. Controls. And critical thought. In 2021, Dr. Stefan Lanka (with the support of Dr.s Cowan and Kauffman) ran a series of experiments where he took commonly used cell cultures. He exposed half those cultures to the usual experimental process of virology, including the addition of human genetic material from a sick person assumed to carry a virus. He then took the other half of the cell cultures, repeated the exact same experimental process, but did NOT introduce any genetic material from any sick person – i.e. he did not introduce any virus of any kind to ‘grow’ and ‘replicate’. In other words, he did a ‘control’ group. Which used to be called science. Then using PCR testing and other ‘accepted’ viral indicators, he found (as he predicted he would find) identical numbers of identical ‘viruses’ in both groups. Rendering the entire field of ‘virology’ null and void on the spot. 


Sars-Cov2. Monkey Pox. Chicken Pox. The flu. Swine Flu. Avian Flu. Polio. Small Pox. HIV. None have ever been seen, nor identified, nor extracted from isolated living human cells or tissues. Again, this is not disputed. All of these viruses were ‘discovered’ and ‘identified’ in the identical and fraudulent tissue culture process described above. And since none of these ‘viruses’ have ever been proven to even exist, they obviously cannot be shown to cause any disease. Virology is a criminal pseudo-science.


So, ‘What makes us sick’? This is the usual the next question. A question that actually reflects a kind of comprehensive, culpable innocence. What makes us sick? Lots of things make us sick. The real question is: How did we possibly fall for this trick, to blame unseen micro-organisms for our ill health and disease when we defile our planet, abuse our bodies, assault our senses, pollute the air, electrify the ethers, plastify the seas, foul the ground water, poison the soil, torture animals to learn about ‘life’, worship screens, slump into chairs, disconnect ourselves from nature, dismiss the divine, eat garbage, fight, scream, blame, deify victimization, and engage in an endless array of destructive behaviors that eject the essence of our being from the physical embodiment we were gifted? 


What makes us sick?? Lots of things make us sick. Environmental poisons. Toxic insults. Glyphosates. Denatured food. Pharmaceutical medications. Medical interventions. Radiation. Vaccines. Yes, vaccines. Mold. Household chemicals. EMF’s. Seasonal and humidity changes. Stress. Fear. Isolation. Lack of meaning and purpose. Lack of exercise and basic physical vitality. Constipation. Laziness. 12 years of compulsory schooling. Staring at our phones 12 hours per day. Polluted drinking water. Nervous systems that don’t know how to down-regulate. Lack of sleep. Messing constantly with our hormonal systems. Twisted belief and value structures. Suppressed emotions. Unresolved childhood trauma. Bio resonance. Porn. Alcohol. Drugs. I mean, a list could be made of hundreds and hundreds of contributing factors that make people weak, disconnected, vulnerable, and sick. Why do we try to find a single causative agent that ‘makes’ someone sick? What is this drive to find a singularity in a world we know is a complex network of interlinking and interdependent systems??


The truth is, the virus and germ theory models of disease feed and perpetuate a dependency and learned helplessness paradigm that has grown into the true global epidemic and existential spiritual crisis of modern humanity. We have abdicated our autonomy and personal responsibility for physical, psychological, moral, and spiritual health and well-being. We have embraced and fetishized victim consciousness. We celebrate group think, obedience, and rule following to justify our own laziness. Authority figures – from doctors to politicians to rich people to celebrities to CEOs to media personalities to random people wearing lab coats - have been elevated to a priestly class. And to defy their mandates, opinions, and dictations is a modern heresy. And the parasitic ruling class that worked for generations to generate this learned helplessness are now taking the last, final steps to consolidate their hegemony, and our enslavement. 


Which will not only be voluntary, but begged for. Nay, demanded. 


What makes us sick? WE make ourselves sick. Which means we can also make ourselves well. The choice sits before each of us. Personally, and collectively. The last 2.5 years of utter, staggering nonsense are a 100% self-inflicted wound exposing the pitiful state of humanity. We are watching, witnessing, and permitting a global, multi-generational mafia cartel cover up their genocidal crimes of unimaginable consequence. 


I hope the following links and information can help the reader make and empower wise future decisions. 






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