As of today, 18 January 2022, I have lifted my self-imposed ban. This is all just too ridiculous to stay silent. If you have not yet discerned that this is a massive fraud intended to further consolidate the ludicrous power and wealth of the ruling class and deepen the trance and dream-spell of humanity, reading further may be dangerous to body and mind. 

13 September, 2022

“to be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight."

     - e.e. cummings

13 September, 2022

This is not speculation or opinion. These are three physicians and research scientists with thousands of hours of primary source research on a single subject /question coming to a well-supported conclusion. An inability to seriously consider the implications of their assertion is not a cognitive capacity or limitation. It is a spiritual and emotional question. If we do not stand up and face this truth, an unimaginable and sadistically dark dystopian future awaits humanity.


20 August, 2022

"To effectively brainwash and mind control a population you first need to introduce fear. You then need a ritual or ceremony which relieves the fear. The ritual or ceremony must be simple enough that anyone can do it. You must make average people feel like heroes for doing exactly as they are told. The tyrant is best served by being in full control of the fear plus manufacturing the ritual that removes the fear. That pre-manufactured ritual will in turn trick the public into participating in their own enslavement and brings them willingly into the iron grip of the tyrant."

  - Jason Christoff

5 July, 2022

"Freedom is the will to be responsible for ourselves."

   - Nietzsche

7 June, 2022

We cannot know 'the whole', nor functionally belong to any 'collective' until we resolve our traumas, assume our own trespasses, learn to clean our own bedrooms, take responsibility for our lives, own the knotted karmic cluster that brought us here and now, and individuate. There is no whole until there is an individual. There is no '5D' until we anchor in the '3D'. This is the set-up. We cannot skip steps and/or bypass the laws with optimism and lazily constructed 'spiritual' nonsense. But all of this requires work. Plunging into the shadows. A daily battle to withdraw from the worshipped seduction of blame, helplessness and victimhood.

But who has the resolve, the humility, the nails, the gratitude for THAT? There is so much fun stuff on Instagram and Facebook!! And our avatars are so demanding

And so our nature, our deep impulse, our soul mission, and the unimaginable energy we have been gifted to complete this mission...it has all been hijacked. Twisted. Distorted. Inverted. By demons and psychopaths we are conveniently too innocent to even imagine exist. Running the detailed, intentional, institutional programming of that hijacking we are conveniently too cynical and dismissive to imagine exist. 

And so it goes. 99% of life goes unseen. 99% of what it means to be goes unseen. The galactic awe and exploding kaleidoscope of infinite creative potential embedded in the code of what it means to be human is denied and renounced. With pride.

Virtue is replaced by virtue signalling. Truth is replaced by subjectivity. Work is replaced by busy-ness. Toughness is replaced by control. Knowledge is replaced by information. Study is replaced by entertainment. Self is replaced by the collective. 

'To be a socialist is to submit the I to the Thou; socialism is sacrificing the individual to the whole.'

   - Josef Goebbels

'Collectivism and freedom are mortal enemies. Only one will survive.'

    - G Edward Griffin 

24 May, 2022

'The primary opening of the human being to the world is not logical, but musical.'

    - Giorgio Agamben

'Modernity is a catastrophe of resonance.'

    - Hartmut Rosa

'The big breakthroughs in understanding evolutionary biology over the next 50 years are going to come as models of randomness shift to models of resonance. The sword-billed hummingbird and the trumpet flower co-create one another over deep time, through resonance.'

     - Joshua Schrei

'Sing in me muse, and through me tell the story.'

     - Homer, The Odyssey

Search: The Emerald Podcast: On Resonance: Caves, Hooves, Hearts, Harps...and The Birth of Culture

21 May, 2022

Every con-man, dictator and tyrant uses the same tactic. Identify the target's psychological/emotional weakness. (Money. Fear. Lust. Isolation.) Then leverage and exploit that weakness. Seducing and finessing the 'victim' to entrench themselves deeper and deeper into the con by permitting, then actively participating in the con through illusions of security.  And the bigger the con becomes, the longer it persists, the less likely the deceived will be tempted to question it. Because to question it would be to question their own intelligence. Their own discernment. Their own beloved sense of exclusivity. And so it grows. Into a monster lashing out from the shadows.

And thus, the sages prove themselves once again. The wise men and women gone hoarse through the millennia repeating the same thing over and over and over again:

Yes, it is true, we are enslaved. But that enslavement is only an enslavement of the mind. And it is self-imposed.

Our enslavement is to the ego's over-estimation and sense of worth. Its status as primary resident. Its superimposition. Its hijacking of the Self. The con-man is us. You. Me. The tyrant, the dictator...they do not live outside of us. They are in us. They are us. Hiding in plain sight. We enslave ourselves. Period, end of story. And the only freedom, per sé, that truly exists is the recognition of the con, the revocation of consent, and the settling of accounts within. 

But who wants all that?? Being a victim is so much easier. And so we have masks, and virtue signalling, and vaccines, and mandates, and iPhones, and trans-humanism, and critical race theory, and germ theory, and Bill Fucking Gates, and CNN, and Ukraine, and now - just in time - a monkey virus to dope drip us back to sleep, back into the con.

It is ludicrous. 

19 May, 2022

The new, novel 'monkey virus'.

The one 'they' war-gamed in March 2021, and 'predicted' would come out in mid-May 2022?

Oh...this should be rich!!


13 May, 2022

I will just keep saying it. Writing it. Over and over. There is no such thing as Covid 19.  No such thing as a Covid 19 'pandemic'. There is only a Covid 'test' pandemic. And a pandemic of supposed 'cases' created by said 'test'. And a pandemic of fear, hysteria, wanton laziness, learned helplessness, culpable innocence, abdicated sovereignty, dignity and critical thought. Who in the general population even knows a single detail about the PCR test? And what the hell, exactly, is a 'case' anyway? How can we as a species have allowed the absurdity of the last 2 years to unfold when we know nothing - literally NOTHING - about the lone diagnostic tool used to drive the supposed pandemic? Because we think and hope and 'feel' that people in positions of immense power would never lie to us?? Our naiveté is not cute anymore. It is grotesque.

Do you want proof? Ok...what is a primer sequence? Who invented the primer sequence? Based on what evidence was the primer sequence invented? When was the primer sequence invented, and is there anything strange about the timing? How many cycles/repetitions of the test make it accurate? What is a cycle? What are they looking for? At what point -i.e. at what threshold - does the test begin to produce universal false positives and become scientifically meaningless? What was the mandated protocol in terms of how many cycles to run the PCR test WORLDWIDE between March 2020 and July 2021? Do we need any more proof than that one discrepancy to expose the truth? Are there any other commonly known and catalogued micro-organisms and/or genetic materials that also express the same primer sequence that is being hunted by the Covid 19 test, producing more false positives from perfectly healthy individuals? Did Dr. Drosden know about these? Do YOU know about any of this? Are you still reading, or did you blank out already? And are you sure that pathogens from the outside prowl, stalk, and then attack our cells and make us ill? Really?


The shadow is closing in. We all see the darkness. It is time to grow up, stand up and face the demon. To not is to evoke a consequence unimaginable in scope, destruction and horror. 


13 May, 2022

It is time to question all of our assumptions. Let's start with, currently, the most relevant. Are you sure viruses, micro-organisms, germs, and other so-called pathogens make you sick? And if yes, where did you get this information and conclusion from?

12 May, 2022

"Don't tell me the mainstream media is not brainwashing people. How do you get a population to go from fearing their own flesh and blood family member to housing a Ukrainian refugee in about a week?!"  

                - Taylor Hudak


25 April, 2022

It has baffled me senseless these past two years. I am unable to process the fact that people cannot open their eyes and simply see the grotesque delusion laid in front of them. A delusion that mocks the viewer, for it knows it no longer needs camouflage or deceit. In fact, this is its very potency. The recklessness of its inversion. It mocks those who see. It mocks cruelly those who refuse.

Then, tonight, watching a documentary about Tibetan snow leopards, the mystery was exposed with great clarity. Humanity has renounced its independence. Renounced its sovereignty, and its intimacy with the natural world. The very things required to simply open one's eyes and see. These qualities have been renounced. And this perfidious puppet show is the inevitable, ludicrous result.

I do not know where I fit into such a world. It is possible I do not. 

"To be free is to be capable of thinking one's own thoughts - not the thoughts merely of the body, or of society, but thoughts generated by one's deepest, most original, most essential and spiritual SELF, one's individuality."

― Rudolf Steiner

18 April, 2022

Welcome to the party Garret. It takes courage and minerals to stand up and admit to being in error. And even more to risk it all to make amends. Good on ya.


18 April, 2022

Oh...this is so good.

“The first thing you need to do is get in touch with negative feelings that you’re not even aware of. Lots of people have negative feelings they’re not aware of. Lots of people are depressed and they’re not aware they are depressed. …The first thing you need is awareness of your negative feelings. What negative feelings? Gloominess, for instance. You’re feeling gloomy and moody. You feel self-hatred or guilt. You feel that life is pointless, that it makes no sense; you’ve got hurt feelings, you’re feeling nervous and tense. Get in touch with those feelings first.


The second step is to understand that the feeling is in you, not in reality. Negative feelings are in you, not in reality. So stop trying to change reality. That’s crazy! Stop trying to change the other person. We spend all our time and energy trying to change external circumstances, trying to change our spouses, our bosses, our friends, our enemies, and everybody else. We don’t have to change anything. Negative feelings are in you. 


No person on earth has the power to make you unhappy. There is no event on earth that has the power to disturb you or hurt you. No event, condition, situation, or person. Nobody told you this; they told you the opposite. That’s why you’re in the mess that you’re in right now. That is why you’re asleep. They never told you this. But it’s self-evident.


The third step: Never identify with that feeling. It has nothing to do with the [real] “I.” Don’t define your essential self in terms of that feeling. Don’t say, “I am depressed.” If you want to say, “It is depressed,” that’s all right. If you want to say depression is there, that’s fine; if you want to say gloominess is there, that’s fine. But not: I am gloomy. You’re defining yourself in terms of the feeling. 


That’s your illusion; that’s your mistake. There is a depression there right now, there are hurt feelings there right now, but let it be, leave it alone. It will pass. Everything passes, everything. Your depressions and your thrills have nothing to do with happiness. Those are the swings of the pendulum. If you seek kicks or thrills, get ready for depression.


No event justifies a negative feeling. There is no situation in the world that justifies a negative feeling. That’s what all our mystics have been crying themselves hoarse to tell us. But nobody listens. The negative feeling is in you. In the Bhagavad-Gita, the sacred book of the Hindus, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, “Plunge into the heat of battle and keep your heart at the lotus feet of the Lord.” A marvelous sentence.


You don’t have to do anything to acquire happiness. The great Meister Eckhart said very beautifully, “God is not attained by a process of addition to anything in the soul, but by a process of subtraction.” You don’t do anything to be free, you drop something. Then you’re free”


- Anthony De Mello

5 April, 2022

I have known it since birth. I thought everyone knew it. Then I learned to shut up. Then 9/11 happened. Then the 'financial crisis' of 2007/2008 happened. Then Huma and Hillary tried to run for President. Then Covid. Then I could not stay shut up any longer. I started to say it out loud. We were born into slavery. We are all on the 'res. The truth about the world is inverted. Not distorted. Inverted. There is a 'they'. And they don't want us to know who we are. What we are. Where we are. It is a prison of the mind. Slavery of perception. Everything they do, all the institutions funded, pushed, and celebrated are there for one reason: keep humanity in a frequency prison of confusion and misperception. Our unused potentiality is harvested. Our unexplored dimensions squatted. Our unclaimed capacity and vision hijacked. Our scattered emotions, rage, discord, disagreement, division feasted upon and fomented. It has been like this for centuries. Maybe more. They used to try to hide it. No more. Why? Are we waking up? Or is the comatose state terminal??

Search: Tinfoil Hat Podcast #550, Dr. Barre Lando. Listen. LISTEN.

Search: Bernhard Guenther, Veil of Reality, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Kelly Brogan

31 March, 2022

The Metaverse. What silliness has descended into humanity's collective whimsy? How did we get so bored?? The latest in an endless 'anywhere but here' solution to our imagined misery. Why do we hate life SO much? Crack open a single clove, and put it to your nose. Place a wine glass down on a marble counter top. Listen to a child try to re-tell a joke. What Universes JUMP into existence in those moments? A single drop of water - if truly examined - would turn the Metaverse into a pitifully flaccid impotent...oh wait!!...it would turn it into Mark Zuckerberg!! This is NOT the next logical step in humanity's evolution. There is no such thing as the 'digital age'. This is a hijacking of a natural timeline by a demonic ruling class. A dark, unimaginably impactful force that has systematically fractured humanity to such an extreme that our souls have been ejected from our embodiment. And now we just sit and drool at flickering screens. While flowers explode in flaming color, wolves howl at an undulating moon, oceans pound august cliffs. Our ancestors groan in panicked horror. And we...we ignore the dire. The macabre. God is watching. You know, the one we pretend does not exist. His finger rests on the 're-set' button. What will we choose?

Search: 'the emerald' podcast...the body is the metaverse

29 March, 2022

Go to the Limits of Your Longing 

God speaks to each of us as he makes us,
then walks with us silently out of the night.
These are the words we dimly hear:

You, sent out beyond your recall,
go to the limits of your longing.
Embody me.

Flare up like a flame
and make big shadows I can move in.

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.
Don’t let yourself lose me.

Nearby is the country they call life.
You will know it by its seriousness.

Give me your hand.

Book of Hours, I 59 

Rainer Maria Rilke

23 March, 2022

The fraud. It's time. It's time to wake up. 

This is a spiritual war. They want your soul. No, really. They want it bad. They have lied to you about everything your entire life. Everything. Especially about what and who you are, your infinite potential as a being. They are terrified of you. But you lack courage. So do I. Somewhere we all feel this. Somewhere this truth snags the mind and snaps us to attention.

Listen. Trust.

Not waking up to the profound, ubiquitous institutional fraud that drives this planet will have immediate, devastating repercussions not only in this lifetime, but for lifetimes to come.

Now is the time. Wake up. They have laid it all before our feet. But we must ACT. We must earn knowledge. This will not be given.

Behold: https://t.me/timeoftransition/3208

16 March, 2022

3 weeks ago, most people would not have been able to find the Ukraine on the map. Literally. Now it is an emotionally potent maelstrom of virtue signalling frenzy. Totally natural and organic, no doubt. But are you SURE you know what is going on in the Ukraine? Really?? Here are 2 people that, wherever they go, are the smartest people in the room. And when they are together, in the same room? Well...here you go:


15 March, 2022

The world is run by an unseen spiritual mafia cartel that manipulates and controls humanity for its own sustenance and frolicsome theatre and entertainment. (Oh, stop being so naive. Seriously.) Thomas Merton called it 'The Unspeakable'. Rudolf Steiner called it the 'Ahrimanic Deception'. Sri Aurobindo called it the 'Hostile Occult Forces'. Native Americans call it 'Wetiko'. The Gnostics call it the 'Archons'. The Arab culture calls it the 'Djinn'. Morpheus called it the 'Matrix'. They obscure esoteric knowledge from humanity to keep us locked in a mind prison of mis-perception and ignorance. Ignorance of self, ignorance of our vast, unimaginable potential as beings. They manipulate and orchestrate world 'events' with a very simple formula: own and operate both sides of all conflict, divide and conquer, foment fear, and lower the resonant frequency of our mental activity so that we construct a world full of institutions and architecture - physical, emotional, intellectual - that keep the vast majority of humanity operating within a shockingly thin spectrum of 'reality'. Thereby 'proving' and 'verifying' the very ignorance and misperception that fuelled the Matrix to begin with. A beautiful Esher-esque mental prison loop and labyrinth. Education, politics, sports, finance, medicine, science, entertainment, drugs, alcohol ('spirits'...??!!), pornography, iPhones, Netflix, transgender, transhuman, war, viruses, vaccines, right, left, CNN, Fox, GMOs, Russia, Ukraine, and on and on and on. When will humanity snap out of this? Or is perhaps our addiction to victim consciousness so embedded, and so convenient to our ubiquitous refusal of accountability, that we actually WANT our enslavement?? I really don't know. But the prospect of current events - if seen clearly - would terrify living humans to their core. Because while these unspeakable forces have been content for centuries to feed off our emotions and fear and unused potential through the instruments of war, famine, and great physical suffering, they are no longer content with this 'food'. They want our souls. And they want them bad. Many modern spiritual and esoteric teachers say that World War III is happening right now. I disagree. What is happening on Planet Earth right now is much bigger than that. There is a global, worldwide spiritual initiation taking place at this very moment. And the vast, sweeping majority of humanity not only does not know what questions are being asked, they do not even know such questions exist. It is astonishing.  

"Modern man does not understand how much his 'rationalism' has put him at the mercy of the psychic 'underworld'. His moral and spiritual tradition has disintegrated, and he is now paying for this break-up in world-wide disorientation and dissociation.” 

~ Carl Gustav Jung

https://veilofreality.com - Bernhard and Laura know more about more than any other people I have come across in my more than 2,000 hours of research in the past 2 years. And they're cool. So there's that. Each of us is responsible for our own education. They are a good place to start.


15 March, 2022









The 'man' on the left is considered by most of humanity as a world leader in global health policy. He is given unprecedented and never before seen power and influence over billions of people (including children)  in terms of what they will and will not inject into their bodies, where they will and will not travel, and how they will and will not manage their health and vitality. The man on the right - who is the same age as the 'man' on the left - is an obscure, unknown, unheeded whacky health conspiracy nut with bizarre ideas that have been fact checked by 'independent organisations' owned by the 'man' on the left and, obviously, proven to be nothing but dangerous disinformation regarding how to stay healthy, vibrant, and brave. I mean, how could you possibly think clearly with all those...muscles?!! And shiny skin. And luminous eyes. And focused intensity. 

If we want to understand what satanic inversion is, and how far and deep the wetiko mind virus has penetrated into the brain of humanity, look no further than this simple example. Our inability to just look and see the obvious. It is all in plain sight. Humanity is not tranced, it is comatose. 

8 March, 2022

So this is how it is going to go down? The last two years just didn't happen? Because....the Ukraine??!!  'Golly, that was odd.' I don't think so. Not on my watch. I will never forget being censored and reprimanded for speaking the blatant, obvious truth from early March 2020 until today. I will never forget adult human beings drawing circles on the ground in school playgrounds and forcing children to sit inside of those circles at a 'safe' distance away from their friends. I will never forget people forcing children to wear masks on their faces for 10, 12 hours a day because of a 'virus' 1,000 x's smaller than the pores of the mask itself, rendering said mask 100% useless in stopping the spread of the 'virus', but 100% effective in its actual purpose: virtue signalling cult sacrament of enslavement. I will never forget the media and all the virtue signalling cult members spewing awe inspiring and demonstrable lies day after day after day for 22 months. I will never forget the interminable mantra 'trust the science' from the mouths of billions of people who did not even bother to ask ONE question about the 'science' (like, say, the fraudulent PCR test upon which the entire 'pandemic' rests), let alone read an actual scientific paper, or paragraph, or sentence, before simply allowing the 'science' to put 7 billion people under house arrest. I will never forget the banality with which the globe celebrated, worshipped, frolicked, and paraded with astonishing pride the total acquiescence of any and all personal accountability to investigate the nature and motivation of those telling us what to think, what to believe, what to do.  I will never forget police officers walking along the beaches of Portugal clearing me and my children from our god given right to sit on the warm sand where and when we goddam well please. I will never forget neighbours, family, and 'friends' shaming me, my wife, and my children for not jabbing ourselves with poison because Grandma and Bill Gates and Sanjay Fucking Gupta. I will never forget my colleagues in the yoga world writing essays equating the injection of toxic poisons into our bloodstream with 'ahimsa', instead of what it actually was: a gross violation of human dignity, critical thinking, and the inalienable right to bodily autonomy. I will never forget being told by a student that it was my DUTY, as a visiting resident in the country of Portugal, to follow any and all mandates dictated by the Portuguese 'Health Authorities'. I will never forget losing 75% of my salary. I will never forget the decimation of the middle class, and the largest wealth redistribution in human history. I will never forget 'medical doctors' geocoding tens of thousands of people with fear, submission, Remdesivir, intubation, and the 'vaccine' for a virus that was NEVER isolated, purified, nor sequenced outside of a computer's mother board. I will never forget my web designer - a so-called student of mine - refusing to post obvious truths and warnings of the genocide that was coming onto MY OWN WEBSITE in March of 2020. I will never forget 'spiritual teachers, guides, and leaders' gleefully cheering on the consensus reality and victim consciousness,  pushing the poison jab narrative onto their students, and onto their students' children. I will never forget, at the most consequential moment of human history, the vast, sweeping majority of humanity stooping down on their knees and begging homicidal maniac psychopaths for absolution. I will never forget the perfidious, grotesque unveiling of humanity over the past 22 months, and the revelation of how astonishingly few people care to know what is real. For as long as I live, I will work to bring justice to the generation of innocent children that were ritually abused and sacrificed by another generation of sleep walking 'adults' who failed in their most basic, fundamental duty. Righteous anger is exactly that. Righteous. And there is an army of us coming for those of you who tried to normalise and institutionalise pathology, and lock the doors of the matrix.


2 March, 2022

- In the last 20 years, the United States has engaged in a continuous bombing campaign in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, etc.

- Every day, 30,000 people die of hunger. 30,000. Mostly children. Every day.

- For the last 2 years, the media, politicians, bankers, pharmaceutical corporations, the WHO, the CDC, the FDA, and institutions across the globe have lied non-stop about a 'virus' so deadly that it disappears with the snap of the fingers and a change in the news cycle.

- And now...NOW...people who could not find Ukraine on a map 1 week ago, people who had never heard of Vladimir Zalensky until 3 days ago, are virtue signalling and whipped into an emotional frenzy about a subject they LITERALLY know nothing about.

Literally. Nothing.

And all that  just HAPPENS to start 5 days before Pfizer is forced to release its initial data dump on the vaccine 'trials' (done on real people, by the way) that shows the injection has a 3% mortality rate (from a sample of 45,000). To 'prevent' a 'deadly virus' with a 0.15% mortality rate. Meaning the 'cure' is 30 TIMES more deadly than the illness. And that is just in the short term!!

The Matrix was not a movie. It was a documentary.



27 February, 2022

This is the level of stupid we are dealing with. How did I end up on this planet??




23 February, 2022

Caretaking another's life experience or moods - while neglecting the discovery and expression of our own deeper, truer individual needs and wants - in order to procure a feeling of connection, value and love is, in actuality, an inversion of true connection and love. This tendency, rooted in a distorted or incomplete childhood, is a deepening of the unending loop of our addiction to victim consciousness. This consciousness needs a triangular collaboration of 3 foundational pillars - a victim, an abuser, and a saviour. Playing any of those 3 roles is a tacit participation in this destructive dance. And if closely examined, we can see that playing this game simply allows any of the role participants the convenience of bypassing the difficult challenge of individuation and, you know, growing up.  

In exchange for a cheap projection, and/or a sentimental contract with a vaguely defined 'collective' to satisfy ourselves with an imagined selflessness and empathy. And taking zero responsibility for the sad state of our own lives and our own world. 

I see this triangular collaboration  in me. I see this in the culture that surrounds me. I see this in inter-personal relationships. I see this in family structures. I see this in the drum beats of war. I see this in the western perspective of health and 'medicine'. I see this in our relationships to politicians, doctors, bankers, gurus, police officers, teachers, bureaucrats, and anyone else who can successfully mimic the tone and camber of an 'authority'. Honestly, we are like toddlers. 

May we have the courage and clarity to look into the dark maw of this addiction. May we remember and reclaim our sovereignty and responsibility. May we drop this infantile dance. May we  jump up and actually live.


22 February, 2022

Here is a list of numbers indicating the percentage increase of 'death claims' made in the 4th Quarter of 2021 (the year of the miracle vaccine) compared to Q4 2020 (the year of the global pandemic) with the world's largest Life Insurance Companies...to repeat, these are end of 2021 numbers when the global population has been exposed to mass vaccination, compared to 2020 numbers when the global population had no vaccine, and had supposedly been exposed to a deadly 'virus' for which the vaccine was supposed to be the solution:

Unum +36%

Lincoln National +57%

Prudential +41%

Reinsurance Group of America +21%

Hartford +32%

MetLife +24%

Aegon (Dutch firm) +57%

Consider that a CEO from one of the above firms stated that a 10% increase in life insurance claims in any one given year would be considered a once per century 'catastrophe'. 

Humanity can think and pretend nothing is going on. People can turn their backs and shut their ears on the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in human history. But it is interesting to consider who is not, and will not, turn their backs on this demonstrable fraud:

Wall Street. And the global insurance industry.


Follow the money...

22 February, 2022

If I were part of the ruling class leadership who had spent the last 30 years looting the pension funds and accumulated wealth of the richest generation in human history through more and more absurd  and obscene financial schemes and marketing double speak...if I knew the global economy rested and was backed by, literally, nothing....if I knew the fictitious 'social contract' had been ruptured and was about to be exposed as exactly that...if I knew the entire weaponised Ponzi scheme matrix of my control grid was about to collapse under its own cold weight...if I wanted to blow up the world to cover MY ass for creating the sovereign debt crisis...if I knew the sleeping masses lulled into a trance over the past generation with toxic water, poisoned soil, denatured food, polluted air, pharmaceutical drugs, distorted education, sentimentality, victim worship, pornography, iPhones and Netflix were about to be awakened by this pending collapse and revelation...I would make DAMN sure of a few things:

1) Fear and obedience would be deeply entrained into a recently traumatised public. 2) Humanity would be arbitrarily and coarsely split by the latest iterations of the 'divide and conquer' formula, weaponised and set to a boil by a relentless mass and social media campaign. 3) 'Legitimate' powers would be finessed and put in place to limit public gatherings, demonstrations, and riots.

4) Only authorised discourse would be allowed on the most commonly used public forums. 5) Travel would be severely restricted and limited. 6) Dissidents would be traceable and trackable. 7) Bank accounts and other 'privately held' assets would suddenly come under the jurisdiction of the whims of the Federal Government.

Is it a 'coincidence theory' or a 'conspiracy theory' that all of those mentioned powers are now set and established as the actual ruling class leadership ramp up the rhetoric around a Great Economic Re-set in response to a 'virus' that - OFFICIALLY - has a 0.14% Infection Mortality Rate? Making it EXACTLY as lethal as the flu.


15 February, 2022

Watch the woman on Trudeau's right as he announces yesterday the 'emergencies act whatever thing'. Why is she having a panic attack, and/or a nervous breakdown while he makes this announcement?? (Do you want a hint??)


And by any rational definition, today's announcement (video below)  is a declaration of tyranny. People might agree with it, and support it, but it is still tyranny. The fact that the vast majority of Germans supported and voted for Hitler did not change the fact that he was a tyrannical dictator. We have arrived to the surreal. We now have openly tyrannical and fundamentally anti-democratic governments. Again, you might like it. But that is beside the point. If the only thing tyrants need to do is find what triggers us and brings terror and fear to our generation, then we are not for freedom. We are for protection and control. Let us at least own it.


29 January, 2022

If you got 3 polio vaccines in one year, and then got polio, would you...like...I don't know...ask some questions? Or  just wait for the 4th??

27 January, 2022

“Truth is a fire. Incandescent and enriching. Ferocious and annihilating. Do you know how to hold it in your hands? Can you afford to bring it into your life? It burns everything it comes into contact with. Genuine things are enlivened by this burning. False things are devastated by it. 

If a person's life has become too disingenuous, too compromised, too fake, then the scenery of home, work, relationships, perceptions, and aspirations becomes like desiccated parchment. Introducing a living flame into this tinderbox will lead to spectacular disintegration. Mental and emotional super-meltdowns; agonizing catastrophes of no value to most. 

So, if you ever wonder why people won't accept the truth of something - even when the irrefutable reality is right in front of them - this is one reason. Truth burns down lies. Eventually, all of them.”

- Neil Kramer

19January, 2022

“Throughout history, whenever genuine spiritual realization flourished in our species were also the exact times when the activated invisible forces of darkness were consciously recognized, which is to say that these are not two separate processes—waking up and seeing the darkness—but are one and the same process, two sides of the same coin that always go together. Be it in the old or new dispensations (The Old or New Testaments), both Moses and Jesus recognized—and were demanded to deal with—the powers of evil. The theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer writes, “Surely we do not wish to accuse Jesus of ignoring the reality and power of evil! Why, the whole of his life was one long conflict with the devil. He calls evil evil.” In dealing with evil, we have to be able to recognize it and call it by its right name. Conversely, when these darker powers aren’t recognized are the times in history when destruction plays itself out most flagrantly in this world of ours.”
–Paul Levy


18 January, 2022

If they can get you to fear an invisible, sub-microscopic enemy that you cannot see, then they can manipulate and control you at will. This was always about control. The battle between Béchamp and Pasteur was not a scientific battle. It was a battle for control. Pasteur admitted on his death bed, 'The terrain is everything, the germ is nothing.' That admission was buried. Because it was not about science. It has always been about control. 


It is still about control. And they use magic, illusion to herd the masses. In what Universe does a 'viral disease' with an Infection Mortality Rate of 0.15% prove causality of death as said 'virus'? In other words, if 1,000 people are 'infected' with a 'virus', and only 1.5 of 1,000 die, that is a 0.15% Infection Mortality Rate. That means 998.5 people 'infected' DON'T die. The 1.5 people that DO die have other 'co-conditions' in common. Diabetes. Heart disease. COPD. Cancer. Obesity. Or they are just old. And, you know, death is a risk of being old. And yet what is identified as cause of death is a virus. Even though 998.5 people infected with the virus DID NOT die.


Again, in what Universe does that prove lethality of a virus? In the Universes that I understand, that proves exactly the opposite. That if 998.5 people DON'T die while infected with a 'virus', and the 1.5 that DO die are sick and compromised by other serious conditions, then OBVIOUSLY  the virus is NOT the cause of death. How is this difficult to understand??


Because it's a trick. It's illusion. It's magic. Black magic. 


"You’ve been had. You've been took. You've been hoodwinked. Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok! This is what he does!”   - Malcolm X


Wake up, Homo sapiens. 

Seriously. It's time.

28 March, 2021

I have removed all my personal writings, research and opinions relating to the 'virus', and 'the pandemic'. 

This is a mass ritual humiliation, coupled with the largest power and wealth re-distribution in human history, for the advancement of a blatantly anti-human agenda driven by a cabal of psychopaths and parasites who do not hide their intentions, and who WE have allowed to mask and enslave us.

A dark spell has been cast upon humanity. We are dreaming that we are awake. We have abdicated our sovereignty to a demonic class, and few recognise what is happening.

I do not know what I can contribute of value to end this lunacy.  

It is better for me to fade into silence, and redirect my time and energy elsewhere.

In the off chance anyone is interested, I will post some impactful links and voices from the wilderness. Perhaps their words and dedication can arrest this madness, and break the spell.




















search: Sally Fallon Morell



here is a study that estimates 400,000 people PER YEAR die in the U.S. from 'preventable harm' in hospitals, and under medical supervision. In other words, using the 2020 'pandemic' definition, EVERY YEAR there is a pandemic of medical murder. Every. Year. An estimated 4 million deaths between 2010-2020. By ANY definition, this is genocide.


I mean...from the CDC website, 2019-2020 'Flu Season' in the U.S. 38,000,000 cases, 2020-2021 in the U.S. 1,820 cases. That's not a typo. Average age worldwide of 'Covid deaths' is 82, average lifespan worldwide is 78.5. Again...I mean...is this difficult to understand??


















The medical community is financially incentivized to call any death C19.


The C19 test is highly inaccurate and a positive is not a "new case."



Masks are ineffective and highly dangerous.



Social distancing, temperature taking, lockdowns, and disinfecting do nothing to decrease morbidity or mortality.


There is no transmission from asymptomatic carriers.




Children are unaffected other than by the deleterious effects of government mandates.


C19 "vaccines" are experimental genetic therapy not safety tested and can cause disease and death.


Government mandates are causing incalculable suffering and death.


The single greatest thing, to date, I have read written about the scam:

"People are beginning to wise up to one of empire's favorite psycho-emotional tactics. The con is predicated on the interrogation model of leveraging a child's desire to please the authority of a dysfunctional mother and father. Through prolonged conditioning (mostly through school, media, and tech), the bad guardianship appeasing impulse is broadened into an adult subservience to unjust governmental authorities. The principle is the same. Unthinking acquiescent behavior is rewarded with acceptance and love. 


Thinking autonomous behavior is punished with rejection and hate. This accounts for the apparent ease with which otherwise sensible people are apt to throw logic and reason out the window. It's a conditioned emotional response, not a rational thinking one. Never underestimate how badly people will deceive themselves for the faintest rumor of acceptance and love. 


Once again, the ghastly situation we see out there in the big sad world, is due to the damaging complacency of ordinary people. The connection is unmistakable. Unthinking acquiescence sustains empire. Morons and empire suckle on each other like something from a grotesque Hieronymus Bosch painting. 


The reverse is also true. Every time a single person is roused from their own selfish hallucinations, and starts to think honestly, examine reality, and exercise discernment - empire slips another inch downwards toward its final theologically inescapable state of eternal oblivion. It is happening right now before our very eyes. The worse things get, the more people wake up (those who were ever going to wake up, that is). The more people wake up, the better things get. Either way, goodness wins.”


- Neil Kramer

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