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I have some questions.

1. Try to hold the three following facts - from open sourced data - in your mind simultaneously. 1. According to the CDC, during the 2019 - 2020 'flu season', there were roughly 35,000,000 reported flu cases in the USA. During the 2020 - 2021 'flu season' (the year of the 'Pandemic'), there were roughly 1,500 reported flu cases in the USA. That is a phenomenal 99.99% decline, in one year. At the same time, during the 2020 - 2021 'flu season' in which the flu apparently disappeared, there emerged approximately 30 - 35,000,000 reported cases of a 'new and novel' disease called Covid-19. 2. Both 'Covid 19' and 'the flu' are respiratory viruses and 'pathogens' spread in the exact same way, with the exact same symptoms (yes, including loss of taste and smell). Therefore, it is illogical and self-contradictory to argue that lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and all other measures used to slow the spread of Covid completely eradicated the 'the flu' for the first time in human history wile also permitting the spread of an apparently millennial pandemic of a similar respiratory virus. Those two things cannot be true at the same time. 3. The ONLY diagnostic instrument used to establish Covid-19 infection in 2020 - 2021 in the USA was the PCR test. On 21 July 2021, the CDC officially revoked its 'emergency authorisation' permit to use the PCR test as a viable diagnostic instrument because it cannot, in fact, tell the difference between 'Sars Cov-2' and 'Influenza Viruses'. That's not made up

My question...Is this difficult to figure out? Really??

1a. If the 'Sars Cov 2' novel virus has never actually been purified, isolated and sequenced from a biological sample taken from an actual sick human being ever anywhere in the world (no, really, it hasn't here and here and here)then how can there be a 'disease' - in this case, 'Covid 19' - for the never isolated virus? How can someone 'have', or die from, a fiction? How can there be a test? How can there be cases? Variants, an IFR, a pandemic, lockdowns, masks, isolation, vaccines, vaccine mandates, vaccine mandates for CHILDREN, travel bans, Remdesivir,  intubation, Corona Virus Task Force, Klaus Schaub and his Great re-set, little circles for children to stand in? Did word truly become flesh??


2. Is it in any way 'odd' that the solution to a coronavirus 'pandemic' is bailing out the wealthy, orchestrating the largest wealth re-distribution in human history (here), manufacturing an excuse to 're-set' the global economy to avoid paying out generations of looted pension funds, promoting existing large corporations and global retail giants while simultaneously crushing the middle class, then installing a technocratic-social credit system years in the design and making (long before the arrival of a so-called 'novel virus') tied to mandatory lifetime subscriptions of pharmaceutical products with the power to grant or deny personal freedom and sovereignty, generating hundreds of billions of dollars for, and produced by, the very conglomerates that also now own and fund the media and global 'health' organisations that manufacture the problem, promote and propagate the reaction, and then enforce with intimidation, threat, fines, and social excommunication the only acceptable 'solution'? Is this a rational reaction to a global 'health' crisis? To whom, exactly, have we outsourced our freedom and sovereignty? And is it, or is it not, in their interest to further promote this learned helplessness??


3. In the Spring of 2020, Anthony Fauci, the NIAID, and the CDC - in collaboration with the WHO - specified and mandated a single 'acceptable' protocol for doctors and hospitals regarding the treatment of 'Covid 19'. This treatment was essentially prescribing the 'medication' Remdesivir, and eventually intubation on ventilators. That was it. Deviation from this protocol would lead to loss of medical license, loss of employment, and loss of funding for the associated hospital. There was a ban, vilification, and sudden media campaign against alternative early treatments of 'Covid 19' using cheap, readily available drugs commonly and safely used in human populations for more than 50 years. As well as a complete, and utter absence of any public discussion regarding natural immune enhancement. With this fixed protocol clear and evident, an ominous question arises: how would it be possible to differentiate between someone who died of 'Covid 19', and someone who died from the mandated treatment of 'Covid 19'?

4. What are the symptoms of prolonged use and/or strong dosage of Remdesivir? What are the supposed symptoms of an acute case of 'Covid 19'? Are these 'symptoms' similar? What was the survival rate of an intubated patient? In 2016, Johns Hopkins released a study that put 'medical intervention' as the 3rd leading cause of death in USA? Let me write that again, third. Just behind cancer and heart disease. Not medical malpractice, not medical error.  Normal, accepted protocols of medical intervention are the third leading cause of death in the USA according to Johns Hopkins. In 2020, for the first time in medical history, ONE acceptable protocol was forced upon the entire medical community in response to a novel and unknown viral infection? Why? And again, if there was only ONE acceptable protocol to treat the disease, how do we know if it was the disease, or the treatment, causing death? Was Anthony Fauci aware of the published, known 'side effects' of Remdesivir?

Is this a Pandemic? Or is this genocide?

4a. Why, in 2015 (5 years BEFORE the 'sudden' arrival of a new, novel Coronavirus), were Moderna, Anthony Fauci, and the U.S. government collaborating to develop a mRNA vaccine against a 'novel' Coronavirus and signing 150 page confidential agreements of secrecy around the project that included the specific clause that the U.S. government would OWN patent rights and shares of said vaccine...a vaccine that 5 years later the same U.S. government under the same direction of Anthony Fauci would MANDATE the U.S. population inject into themselves and their children in response to the 'sudden' arrival of a 'novel' Coronavirus??

It's time to do some research and digging. The consequences of letting this story just slide into the 'past' are unimaginable.


5. Did you know that 30,000 people die every day from hunger on this planet? Every day, every year. Mostly children. That’s 300,000 every 10 days. Mostly children. That’s almost 1 million per month. Mostly children. That’s 2.5 million every 3 months, of every year, from hunger. Mostly children. 2.5 million is the alleged number of Covid deaths in 2020. The official average age of death ‘from Covid’ was 82 years old. And children have a statistically .0003% chance of dying from Covid. Did we shut down the planet and create the current reality because of a ‘health crisis’? Does every life really matter? Or, is this perhaps a marketing campaign for an alternate agenda?

6. If there was excess, but not dramatically unexpected death in the U.S. in 2020 (same for the UK, Israel, and generally worldwide), then what – exactly – are we talking about? In other words, if dramatically more people did not die in 2020 than an average year between 2000 – 2019, then what and WHERE is the ‘pandemic’?  

This is from an epidemiologist within the CDC responding to a public information request I sent via email:

"During January–December 2020, the estimated 2020 age-adjusted death rate increased for the first time since 2017, with an increase of 15.9% compared with 2019, from 715.2 to 828.7 deaths per 100,000 population. 

On the other hand, from this graph, you can see the change is not at all drastic and definitely started in 2014-15"


Other commentators on the subject can be found in the links below. But the reader is, of course, encouraged to do his/her own research and reflection.

7. If the average age of a ‘Covid death’ in 2020 worldwide was 82 years old, and the average life expectancy on Planet Earth is 78.5 years old, then what – exactly – are we talking about? Is it possible to have a ‘global pandemic’ of a ‘virus’ that kills people 3.5 years AFTER their average expected age of death? In any other year in the history of humanity, has it ever been ‘news’ when people were dying at the time they were statistically expected to die? What am I missing? Please email me any alternative explanations. I do not claim to know the 'truth'. I just have questions.

8. Everything that has been told about the ‘pandemic’ – literally everything – is based on the numbers and data derived from the PCR tests. Deaths, cases, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, Infection Mortality Rate, pathogenicity, variations, mutant variations, need for ‘vaccines’, shutting down the world, fissuring the planet, the coming Great Re-Set, the largest wealth re-distribution in the history of the world, etc. But if the PCR tests are scientifically meaningless; if the inventor of the test (who won a Nobel Prize for the invention) specifically stated that the test was NEVER meant to detect the presence of a virus, nor infection; if the same inventor of said test stated repeatedly that Anthony Fauci ‘knows nothing’; if the results of the PCR test can be manipulated and changed to positive or negative simply by altering the number of amplification cycles it goes through; if the CDC itself banned the use of the PCR test to detect infection on 21 July 2021... then what – exactly – are we talking about?


9. I will repeat...if on 21 July 2021, the FDA and the CDC in the United States officially revoked the 'emergency use authorisation' of the PCR test, banning it from use in detecting and identifying 'Covid 19', because it cannot, in fact, tell the difference between SARS Cov-2 and the flu; and this was the ONLY instrument used to identify cases and deaths and numbers driving the 'Pandemic' narrative in 2020; and the flu coincidentally and inexplicably disappeared from Planet Earth in 2020 (99.99% reduction in cases in the USA according to the CDC), then what - for the love of God - are we talking about?

10. If Anthony Fauci himself admitted that the PCR test is scientifically meaningless when it is run at more than 35 cycles - because it would then produce universal false positive results - and yet ALL standard Covid 19 PCR tests in the USA in 2020 were run at or above 40 cycles, more than 100x the magnification at 35 cycles, and the positive PCR tests drove and justified EVERYTHING about the ‘pandemic’ and deaths and cases and IFR and pathogenicity and everything else around the lockdown of the planet and now the frantic drive to vaccinate the planet, then what – exactly – are we talking about?​



11. According to the CDC, as of 16 May 2021, only 5% of reported ‘Covid Deaths’ in the U.S. were actually caused exclusively by ‘Covid 19’, while the other 95% included severe, usually multiple (an average of 4), and often terminal co-morbidity factors. So if Covid 19 is not actually what these dead people have died from, why were they coded as 'Covid 19 deaths'? And what – exactly – are we talking about? And why is this seemingly astonishing fact not widely reported in the main stream narrative??

(See #4 from this CDC webpage of various tables):


12. If ‘Covid 19’ is a new, novel virus that rocketed up to #3 cause of death in the U.S. in 2020 – behind only heart disease and cancer – and this new, novel illness killed half a million people in the U.S. alone, then why are there not half a million more dead people in 2020 in the U.S. than on average in the 10 years between 2010-2019? There are NOT dramatically more dead people from 2020 in the U.S. compared to other recent years (see question 1b above), so what exactly are we talking about?  How can there be a global pandemic without extra dead people? Or, perhaps, were the dead people just re-branded when it came to cause of death? (see: the disappearing flu) If yes, why??!


13. If the WHO puts the 'Covid 19' Infection Mortality Rate at 0.14%, and if John Ioannidis – head of Stanford University’s Epidemiology Department, and one of the most quoted scientists in the world – puts the Covid 19 Mortality Rate at 0.15%, and the seasonal flu has an annual Infection Mortality Rate around 0.1-0.15%, then what – exactly – are we talking about?


14. The above 0.15% mortality rate means that 998 out of 1000 people who are infected with the ‘virus’ DON’T die. How is it statistically possible to say, then, that the 2 who DID die, died from the virus? Was that the ONLY thing between them that they shared? Nothing else?? Were they perhaps just old? Obese? Diabetes? Heart disease? Cancer? COPD? How, exactly, do you determine the specific common denominator and cause of death from a sample of 1,000 sick people when only two of them die? Are there not an infinite number of other possible variables connecting those deaths besides the presence of loosely understood genetic material only recently ‘discovered’??


15. And the nuclear bomb nobody seems to want to discuss...if the supposed ‘SARS Cov2 virus’ has never actually been isolated, mapped, and identified in the real world from an actual sick person (not a computer model), and there are no specific, unique symptoms to implicate a specific virus, then what – exactly – are we talking about? What is SARS Cov2? What is Covid-19? And what - for the love of god -is in the 'vaccine'?


16. 'SARS Cov-2' is an alleged respiratory virus that is allegedly spread through person to person contact. The flu is a respiratory virus that spreads through person to person contact. In 2020, and winter 2021, the flu essentially disappeared worldwide, dropping to statistically impossible numbers. In response to this astonishing fact, 'experts' have cited masks, lockdown, and social distancing as reason for the disappearance of the flu. Yet…if masks, lockdown, and social distancing eradicated one of the most common illnesses known to humanity, why did it not stop a ‘pandemic’ of the other, when both are respiratory viruses spread in the exact same manner? And is it not more likely that the ‘disappearance’ of the flu is really just a re-branding of ‘the flu’ to ‘Covid 19’??


17. If Covid 19 is a deadly virus that caused the largest pandemic of the last 100 years, shut the planet down, and now stands as the justification for radical, revolutionary  changes to social, political and financial systems across the globe, then why is it seasonal? Appearing in the late autumn, then disappearing in the spring and summer. Does Ebola follow the seasons? Does Anthrax care if the cherry trees are in bloom? Meningitis? Do truly deadly viruses follow seasonal patterns? Or is there something peculiar about the arrival of late autumn into winter that is fundamentally different than spring and summer that could be investigated in terms of the impact on natural immunity? And what does this say about the 'lethality' of 'Covid 19'?


18. If in the Spring of 2020, at the peak of the ‘virus’ and ‘pandemic’, one hospital in Lisbon (where I live) chosen to house the ‘Covid 19’ patients was ‘full’, over-flowing with sick people, stressing the staff, television news cameras and police cars and ambulances all around accelerating the chaos and panic…and yet in a different neighborhood, just around the corner, another large hospital was literally empty, and further up the road in an adjacent neighborhod another large hospital was literally empty (I know, because I went there myself to see), then was the first hospital actually ‘full’ and ‘overflowing’ and ‘running at maximum capacity’? Or was this simply gross, genocidal incompetence and ‘mismanagement’ of resources for some sort of unstated political and social agenda? And if it was not, what is the alternative explanation for such a cluster of madness and organizational incompetence that took me 45 minutes and a bicycle to 'uncover'??


19. How did Rudolf Steiner see this in 1918 – more than 100 years ago – and how do we know nothing of this now?


20. At what point does mass irreversible gene therapy experimentation on children who stand to gain nothing themselves become a problem to all of us?

21. 200 million more people 'slipped' into extreme poverty in 2020, while the 30 richest billionaires in the world walked away with $2 TRILLION. And now the entire planet is mobilising to inject themselves with god knows what - to 'protect' themselves from a 'virus' that officially has a 99.8% survival rate if infected - because the same billionaires profiting from this agenda told them to. I mean...I don't know what question to this really difficult to understand?

22. It is said: 'if a product is given for free, YOU are the product.' In the USA, 90% of the population is 'educated' in the FREE public school system. By any definition, this is a monopoly. A monopoly on the minds of an entire population conforming to a monocultured curriculum, assessment protocol, systematic orientation, etc. So, if 'education' is free, then WHAT is actually the product? And is this related to what is happening on the world's stage at this very moment??

23. Here is one of the world's leading, most influential lawyers. Speaking with - in my opinion - one of the great intellects alive. Can one word be refuted? Is the immeasurable implication clear? If there is a better, clearer explanation of the facts, please email them to me.

24. How many questions can the reader come up with after reviewing the following?

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