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Choice Point 2022

"Humanity is in love with its own ignorance."- Sri Aurobindo

Humanity has entered an irreversible choice-point in our collective history. It is a naturally imposed polarisation for the evolution of consciousness. All must participate, none are immune. We can choose to anchor into the light of transformation and evolution at all levels of our existence. Or we can recommit to the darkness - the imagined comfort of the existing matrix structure - and secure a deepening of the dream spell enslavement we have been slumbering through for centuries. 


The question before all of us is this: are we willing to subject ourselves to a comprehensive, willful re-examination of our entire belief structure, and all the institutions founded upon those beliefs?Personal, and collective?? Because the entire lot is poised to collapse under its own weight. From medicine,  to education, to law, to biology, to nature, to finance, to religion, to media, to government, to technology, to philosophy, to psychology, to our emotions and values and that which we believe is essential to our humanity. Those willing to engage sincerely with this re-examination (especially our own shadows and self-deception) will ride the naturally ascending octave of our collective frequency and step into a different world. Those committed to the slumber and seduction of the dream spell and lies will suffer tremendously. Many will die in service to that dream, and those lies. 


In the coming years, we will be impelled to individuate. To grow up. To assume our independence, agency, and sovereignty. To assume responsibility for every aspect of our lives - our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health and well being - and drop the victim/perpetrator fiction. We will no longer be able to satisfy ourselves with an ability to conform to consensus reality. We will no longer be able to assess our worth through a capacity to follow orders and conform to the consensus values of a profoundly sick society. We will no longer be able to employ materialism, entertainment and frivolity to bypass the soul mission we have each been given in this human realm: the discovery of who we are, where we live, and what we are doing here.


There is a dark force - and their minion cultural engineers - who will do everything in their power to stop this natural transformation from happening, in order to hold onto their power and domination. Thomas Merton called it The Unspeakable. Native Americans called it Wetiko. Sri Aurobindo called it The Hostile Occult Forces. Rudolf Steiner called it The Ahrimanic Deception. Gurdjieff called it 'waking up to the horror of the situation'. The horror of the situation is this: we live under a collective, hypnotic spell. The vast majority of humanity has been tranced by these dark forces. To the point where we have accepted a radically distorted form of life as 'normal', and a pitiful, anaemic version of what it means to be human as 'enough'. 

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false... The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

- Former CIA Director William Colby


We are at war, and we do not even know it. And that war is through us, not against us. We have become the very vehicles through which the dark forces move and manoeuvre us into an acceptance of - and now a DEMAND for - our own slavery. We have become addicted to the learned helplessness that is the very root of the strategy used by the tyrants for that enslavement. We love our victim status, for it relieves us of any and all responsibility for the sad state we find ourselves in. We can just blame the Germans, no Communism, no the Russians, no Terrorism, no a 'virus', no the un-vaxxed, and drop our heads, look down at our phones, and content ourselves with the endless dopamine drip of 'information', color, and noise.


I don't know - but one could imagine - from the perspective of the divine, this will not do. 


And so, consciousness is being impelled to evolve. It is time to wake up from our collective dream spell. The spell is vast and deep. So let us start where they have directed us. Viruses do not cause disease. Viruses are not pathogenic. This is not how nature works. 'Viruses' are not the cause of disease, they are the result, the biological genetic debris of a naturally occurring detoxification process mistakenly called 'sickness'. Everything from the common cold to cancer is really only one thing, the human body trying to heal. Biology attempting to mitigate the wide array of toxic insults 'modern' life imposes. This process leaves artefacts and debris. This debris has been mistaken as causal, pathogenic 'viruses'. Period. We mistake effects as cause, symptoms as the root, and we initiate absurd, endless medical interventions chasing ghosts. The generally accepted conception of how human biology works is delusional. (But it is very good for business!) 


SarsCov-2 has never been isolated, purified, nor sequenced from a sick person. That is a fact. Covid-19, if it exists, is not caused by SarsCov-2, nor any other virus. There are no variants. There is no bio-weapon from a lab in Wuhan. There is no pathogenic priming. There is no antibody dependent enhancement. There is no need for masks. There is no need for social distancing. There is no need for vaccines, lockdowns, flatten the curve, little circles for children to stand in, nor any other of this ridiculous nonsense. Something else is afoot. It is Biblical in its impact. And they don't want us to know what that is. They are desperate to keep us from discovering the truth.


Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, the WHO, the CDC, influential politicians and policy makers all over the world are genocidal maniacs who WE have empowered and enabled. It is a giant, massive, galactic fraud. And it starts, and ends, with us. We can either wake up to this reality, figure out what is truly going on, and respond accordingly and decisively. Or we can hold onto the old story and suffer the encoded consequences. We must become curious.

“What do you think my colleagues and I were doing all those years? What was our purpose? To repudiate the singular in favor of the general. And what does that boil down to? Eradicating the concept of the individual human being. Replacing it with the mass. The mass doesn’t think. There is no such thing as mass thought. There is only mass impulse. And we could administer that. We could move it around like a piece on a board. You see, you don’t hypnotize a person into some deeper region of himself. You hypnotize him OUT of himself into a fiction called 

The Group…”

- Ellis Medavoy


The structure of the existing world has not only cracked, it is collapsing. The sheep that have gathered in fear of the wolf are set to be slaughtered and eaten by the shepherd. This is the dark irony of where we are. This is the polarisation. This is the choice point.  Each of us will have to answer alone the call of the revelation of the grotesque, perfidious, and ubiquitous lies and deceptions we have swallowed. May we answer that call wisely. 


If you wish or plan to practice and study with me, know this: the rest of my professional life will be dedicated to orienting the practice of yoga toward breaking our collective dream spell, so that we may anchor into the light and discover the reality of who we are, where we live, and what we are doing here. Only then will we be able to stand up, step into the world, embody the divine, and live lives truly worthy of our soul dignity and nature. 


Please consider looking into the following links. The information contained therein can literally not be measured in consequence, implication, and impact.


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