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2,000,000 children this year, right now, on this planet have been kidnapped, trafficked, raped, filmed, and sold into sex slavery.


2 million children sexually enslaved.This year. Last year. Next year. 

And yet we have shut the planet down for a virus that the WHO now states has an infection mortality rate of 0.13 percent…or, if you are under 70, 0.05%. This is not ‘like’ the flu, it IS the flu. 

2 million children sexually enslaved. And yet we are outraged at somebody walking down the street who does not have a MASK covering the face and nostrils god gave them to BREATHE, smile, express. Outraged and socially distancing with smug, virtuous pretences. Outraged and kicking back in our plush houses watching Netflix and election porn. Outraged and firing off self-congratulatory missives at a Donald Trump tweet.

For a virus that kills 1 out of every 1,000 people who get infected, at an average age of 80, almost always with compromised immune systems; when the chance of dying on this planet in any given year is 1 in 100, at an average age of 78.5, from ANY cause. That's not a typo. Read it again.

2 million children sexually enslaved.This year. Last year. Next year. 

What has happened to us? What are we doing?? Where is the SACRED outrage for our children??!!

Rise from this ignoble slumber. Fear is not a virtue. Acquiescence is not citizenship. This epic level of apathy is complicit with tyranny, complicit with demonic activities and organizations.

'A time comes when silence is betrayal; that time has come for us.' MLK,  Jr.


Still think this isn't real?? Here, you are being prepped for the deeper truth. See it. Face it. It's coming.





Research Ronald Bernard. Or just watch him here, on these 2 videos. Does this man look, sound, or feel like he is lying? Or is he exposing the truth, and the contents of his own heart for us to SEE??



Here is Lin Wood, perhaps the USA's most prominent Defamation Attorney. Which means he knows something about libel law and the dangers of public slander when/if what is being said is not provably true. He is speaking in front of 5,000 people live, 1 million more streaming online, and millions more later watching the archived recording. He calls out publicly, and unequivocally the 4 most powerful political families in the USA, accusing them of            participating in the kidnapping, trafficking, rape, torture and murder of children. He knows perfectly well that if such a dramatic, defamatory accusation is made without substantial proof that he can be sued, prosecuted and severely punished. But he also knows that if the accused DO sue him, he gets the right to 'disclosure' in his own defence at trial. A masterful trap he laid. There will be no suit. 



Research Isaac Kappy. We didn't believe him. Even after they murdered him. Or, I suppose worse, most don't even know who he was. Maybe we should believe him.




Watch John Paul Rice, Hollywood producer and director, survivor, clear human being. Again, does he sound like he is lying??


Challenge yourself. Listen to the whole podcast. Listen to the timbre of his voice. Listen to the content of this man's words and experience. Let it penetrate. These are our heroes. 


On a personal note, in support of Kappy and Bernard and John Paul Rice, I was told in 1993 at the University of San Francisco, by a classmate from Nebraska, that Hilary Clinton raped children. Specifically young girls. That's 27 years ago. 27 years.  The classmate himself was an orphan 'raised' by the state of Nebraska. He had been exposed to, and victimised by,  organised pedophilia his entire childhood. He had a VHS tape. I watched it. Let me assert one thing: it cannot be unwatched. And his reward: ridicule, denial, or perhaps worse.

More nuanced discussions from Lin Wood. Listen to Lin Wood's 'Fireside Chats with Lin Wood.'

Consider believing his words. The world will make a lot more sense. And the Clinton Foundation, Haiti, Jeffrey Epstein, and the hysterical war against Trump will make a lot more sense. 

'Oh don't be ridiculous. If it was true, the mainstream media would know about it and report it.' Oh really?? Well, here you go. They DID know about it, they DO know about it, and they will NOT report it:  


Funny...who owns ABC? Disney. Who runs Disney? WHAT is Disney? Should I keep going...or maybe you can do your own research.

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