Advanced Studies Schedule
Year 4 (yes...Year 4)

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Available in Person at the Lisboa Yoga Loft; or Live via Zoom Simulcast

Year 4, 2021-2022 Dates

(Class Schedule 9-12h, 14-17h, Saturday and Sunday): 

Weekend 1

25-26 September, 2021


Weekend 2

20-21 November, 2021


Weekend 3

22-23 January, 2022

Weekend 4

9-10 April, 2022


Weekend 5

4-5 June, 2022


Summer Week

16 - 22 July

Time Schedule: To Be Determined...


(Please only download classes you have attended or paid for)

Saturday 4 June, morning session

Padmasana: Why is it so important and relevant, through all layers of the practice and the human embodiment? And what combination of movements are required to present the pose? 
Passcode: 4%@2n8sN

Saturday 4 June, afternoon session

Padmasana Continued 
Passcode: cnS8c!v^

Sunday 5 June, morning session

Padmasana Continued 
Passcode: f@%cbm9Z

Sunday 5 June, afternoon session

Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It. 
Passcode: 3.iR1jVY